dart pub unpack

Unpack is one of the commands of the pub tool.

$ dart pub unpack <package>[:descriptor] [--[no-]resolve] [--output=<output directory>] [--[no-]force] [other options]

This command downloads the specified <package> and extracts its contents to a <package>-<version> directory.

For example, the following command downloads and extracts the latest stable version of package:http from the site, to the current directory:

$ dart pub unpack http

To change the source or version of the downloaded package, add a source descriptor after the package name and a colon. For example, the following command downloads the 1.2.0 release of package:http from the site:

$ dart pub unpack http:1.2.0

The source descriptor supports more configuration with the same syntax as dart pub add. To learn more about source descriptors and their syntax, check out the source descriptor documentation for dart pub add.



For options that apply to all pub commands, check out Global options.

--force or -f


Overwrite existing folders that conflict with the package folder or its contents during extraction.



By default, dart pub get runs automatically to complete package resolution after downloading and unpacking a package. To disable automatic resolution, specify the --no-resolve flag:

$ dart pub unpack http --no-resolve

--output=<dir> or -o <dir>


By default, extract the package to the current directory (.). To change the directory the package is extracted to, specify the desired output directory with the --output option.

For example, the following commands unpacks the 1.2.0 release of package:http to the local_http_copies directory.

$ dart pub unpack http:1.2.0 -o local_http_copies