Verified publishers

The verified publisher badge verified publisher logo lets you know that the site verified the identity of the publisher of a package. For example, is the verified publisher for packages that Google's Dart team supports.

The badge appears in several places on, next to packages that verified publishers published:

  • Package search results
  • Package detail pages
  • Publisher profile pages
  • The front page

Each publisher has a page with a list of all packages belonging to that publisher, plus additional details such as the publisher's contact email. To visit the publisher page, click the publisher identity link (for example, next to the verified publisher badge verified publisher logo.

Verification process


To ensure that creating verified publishers is low cost and available to anyone, relies on DNS (domain name system) domains as an identification token. We chose DNS verification because many package authors already have a trusted domain and a homepage for that domain. During the publisher creation process, verifies that the user creating the verified publisher has admin access to the associated "Domain Property", based on existing logic in the Google Search Console.

Creating a verified publisher account


If you publish packages and want to create a new verified publisher, see the instructions on the publishing page.