IntelliJ & Android Studio

The Dart plugin adds Dart support to IntelliJ Platform-based IDEs developed by JetBrains. These IDEs provide features unique to specific development technologies. The IDEs recommended for Dart and Flutter development include:

  • IntelliJ IDEA which specializes in JVM-based language development.
  • WebStorm which specializes in web app development.
  • Android Studio which specializes in Android and Flutter development.

Whichever JetBrains IDE you choose for Dart development, this page has resources to help you get started quickly and find more information when you need it.

Getting started


If you don't already have the IDE and the Dart SDK, get them. Then install the Dart plugin and tell it where to find the Dart SDK.

Downloading the IDE


Install a JetBrains IDE if you don't already have one. Choose one:

Downloading the Dart SDK


If you don't already have the Dart SDK, install it. You can get it either by itself or by downloading the Flutter SDK, which includes the full Dart SDK.

Choose one:

Configuring Dart support


Here's one way to configure Dart support:

  1. Start the IDE, and install the Dart plugin.

    1. From the Welcome screen, choose Plugins.
    2. Search for Dart.
    3. Once you've installed the Dart plugin, restart the IDE.

  2. Create a new Dart project:

    1. From the Welcome screen, click New Project.
    2. In the next dialog, click Dart.

  3. If you don't see a value for the Dart SDK path, enter or select it.

    For example, the SDK path might be <dart installation directory>/dart/dart-sdk.

  4. Choose a starting template.

    1. To enable starting templates, click Generate sample content.
    2. Pick your desired template.
  5. Click Next and continue project setup.

An alternative to Step 2 is to open an existing Dart project, and then open its pubspec.yaml file or any of its Dart files.

Reporting issues


Please report issues and feedback via the official JetBrains issue tracker for Dart.

Include details of the expected behavior, the actual behavior, and screenshots if appropriate.

More information


See the JetBrains website for more information.