Using Google APIs

This page points to resources to help you use Firebase and Google client APIs from a Dart app.



The Dart API that you use with Firebase depends on whether you're writing code for a Flutter app or another kind of Dart app.

Flutter apps can choose from many officially supported plugins for popular Firebase products such as Analytics, Cloud Firestore, Cloud Functions, and Crashlytics. For a full list of these plugins, see FlutterFire.

Other kinds of Dart apps can use the community-supported firebase package.

Google client APIs


The googleapis package contains generated APIs for over 180 Google client APIs, such as the Google Docs API, YouTube Data API, Cloud Translation API, and Cloud Storage API.

If you're building a Flutter application, see the Flutter guide for Google APIs.

If you'd like to use Google APIs as part of a server application, see the google_apis server sample.

Some packages provide idiomatic Dart wrappers for the APIs provided by googleapis. For example, if you want to use the Google Sheets API, consider the gsheets package, which provides an alternative API to the automatically generated API.

To find wrapper packages for Google client APIs, search for packages that depend on googleapis.