Avoid lines longer than 80 characters.

This rule is available as of Dart 2.0.0.



AVOID lines longer than 80 characters

Readability studies show that long lines of text are harder to read because your eye has to travel farther when moving to the beginning of the next line. This is why newspapers and magazines use multiple columns of text.

If you really find yourself wanting lines longer than 80 characters, our experience is that your code is likely too verbose and could be a little more compact. The main offender is usually VeryLongCamelCaseClassNames. Ask yourself, “Does each word in that type name tell me something critical or prevent a name collision?” If not, consider omitting it.

Note that dart format does 99% of this for you, but the last 1% is you. It does not split long string literals to fit in 80 columns, so you have to do that manually.

We make an exception for URIs and file paths. When those occur in comments or strings (usually in imports and exports), they may remain on a single line even if they go over the line limit. This makes it easier to search source files for a given path.



To enable the lines_longer_than_80_chars rule, add lines_longer_than_80_chars under linter > rules in your analysis_options.yaml file:

    - lines_longer_than_80_chars