Dart team packages

The Dart team publishes packages on pub.dev under three verified publishers. The following table shows these verified publishers, what they're used for, and the quality and support levels for packages under each publisher.

PublisherPackage contentsQuality and completenessCommunity engagement (issues, PRs)
dart.devCore packages. Foundational packages that complement the core libraries.HighHigh. Triaged on a regular basis.
tools.dart.devTooling packages. Used by the Dart team to build various Dart tools. Can be used for building other tools, but the support commitment is lower than for core packages.MediumMedium-low. Triaged occasionally; unable to respond to all issues.
labs.dart.devExperimental packages. Shared for early feedback. Some will likely be discontinued.Low/incompleteVarying. No promises; maintained on a best-effort basis.