Web libraries and packages

Dart provides several packages and libraries to support web app development, the recommended option being package:web. The Dart SDK also contains other libraries that provide low-level web APIs.

Web solutions

Migrate to package:web
Learn how to migrate to package:web from Dart's previous web library solutions, like dart:html.
package:web API reference
Dart's recommended web interop solution package:web exposes browser APIs with lightweight bindings built around static JS interop.
JavaScript interoperability documentation
Learn how to interact with existing JavaScript or TypeScript libraries using Dart's JS interop support.
dart:js_interop API reference
Dart's web library dart:js_interop provides all the necessary members to facilitate sound interop between JavaScript and Dart types.
Flutter web support
The Flutter framework supports web development with Dart, in addition to mobile, desktop, and embedded device support.
Build a web app with Dart
A quick overview of how to build, run, and debug a web app with Dart.

To find other libraries that support the web platform, search pub.dev for web packages.